Anonymous letter asks flat residents turn vigilante against noisy neighbour

Anonymous letter asks flat residents turn vigilante against noisy neighbour

A disgruntled resident from a block of flats wrote a letter to their neighbours asking for help in their battle against a noisy neighbour – asking them to do what was necessary.

In the letter, the resident explains that the neighbour in question has a very loud motorbike with all silencers removed from the exhaust system – and he often wakes people up when he leaves for work at 5.45am.

They add that they once tried to convince the neighbour to reinstall the silencer so that he would stop waking people, but instead he bought a larger motorbike and removed the silencers from that – making it even louder.

It seems the angry resident is now at the end of his tether, and has written to his neighbours saying he wants to ‘pass the baton to you’, adding ‘I am no vigilante’.

After outlining the noise problem with the neighbour, the letter reads: “It’s quite amazing to think what goes through the mind of people like this? I can’t fathom it.

“To me, he’s a man who’s overcompensating for the little he’s got in the trouser department – a pathetic self-centred little man child who doesn’t care about his neighbours and hasn’t grown up. What a loser.”

The angry resident then explains how he has already tried to go to the police and the DVLA about the issue, but has so far had no luck in quieting the noisy neighbour.

The letter continues: “There is now a trend for bikers to remove the silencers from their bikes to increase the volume of their ‘pipes’ as they call them.

“This is what has led to an epidemic of noise pollution from all these bikers who think they’re Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider when really everyone looks on them with disgust and ridicule as they ride by on their noisy bike. Sadly, these bikers know that they can simply get away with it.

“My quest is at an end without a positive resolution, why am I writing to you?

“Well, I want to pass the baton on to you. I am no vigilante, so if any of you have a thought as to how to convince this dd to change his ways, please feel free to try.

“If no one acts, he will continue to wake you all up for years to come. You have been warned.”

The letter was shared on Reddit on Friday, July 16, and within 24 hours it had received over 45,000 upvotes and a heated discussion was sparked in the comments.

One user posted: “My experiences with any driver who’s made an illegal mod for noise, be it a car or motor bike, is that they keep the revs right down as the come and go from home. If anyone’s going to complain, that’s where it will happen.

“So this motorbike rider must be a complete Muppet if the new bike has the silencer removed and he’s still letting rip in his street.

“If I was a neighbour in this instance I’d complain to the local councillor or MP if none of the authorities were prepared to get it sorted.

“They could press the authorities to issue the guy with a community protection warning.”

Then a second user, who also had a loud motorbike, chipped in. They said: “I used to ride a super loud chopper with shotgun pipes. Lived in this group of flats that were arranged in a bit of a semi circle. 5am out the door for work.

“I started it once and immediately felt guilty about the noise. Ended up pushing the bike out of the area and onto the main road before I started her up every morning.

“It probably didn’t help as much as I thought but at least I felt like I was being less of a dick. If I was coming back late I’d kill the engine down the road and just coast back in.”

And a third user had a funny anecdote about loud exhausts, saying that not all neighbours found them a problem. He said: “My mate used to have a Subaru Impreza with a loud exhaust (as all Subaru owners seem to own), and used to leave for work at 6am every morning.

“Eventually he changed his car, and one day at the weekend, a neighbour approached him and asked if he had any ideas for his new car regarding modifications, and suggested a loud exhaust.

“It turns out the guy used to use my friend’s car as an alarm clock and woke up at 6 every morning when he left for work.”