Demanding job advert offers ‘free rent’ in exchange for being a full-time nanny

Demanding job advert offers ‘free rent’ in exchange for being a full-time nanny

A demanding job advert has been placed on Facebook – offering ‘free rent’ in exchange for being a full time nanny.

The outlandish description has gone viral since it was posted due to the long list of demands, offering very little in exchange for the amount of work required.

The advert states that the successful applicant will preferably be a woman who doesn’t drink or smoke, doesn’t smell, and is preferably a ‘homebody’.

In exchange, they will get free rent – but must pay a £362 deposit, half of the utility bills, and will only get limited kitchen privileges.

The advert reads: “Free rent in exchange for caregiving.

“Private furnished bedroom, private bathroom, and Wi-fi. No drinking, drugs, smoking, vaping. No odours in the home.

“Limited kitchen privileges. No couples, children, guests, or pets.

“I’m looking for someone that’s kind of a homebody – quiet, clean, respectful. I prefer a woman.

“Must have Covid vaccination and proof of it.

“I need help caring for pets, yard, some housekeeping, help with bedtime preparation nightly, Saturday mornings preparing me for the day, respite for primary caregiver during holidays.

“Half utilities and $500 deposit.”

An image of the advert was posted on Reddit on Friday, June 16, and it soon had over 15,000 comments.

One user quipped: “You definitely won’t be chained to a radiator on day one.”

While another added: “Limited kitchen privileges? I think there’s more freedom at a homeless shelter.”

And a third user added: “Wait, they have a full time caregiver? Like one paid for with medical insurance, and they are hiring a backup caregiver and paying with room and board? Is that how to read this?”

But then someone had some genuine questions about the job, and added: “Wait wait wait – I’m very confused by this post.

“Is this a job posting for a caregiver position that wants the candidate to pay a $500 deposit to move in and take care of the them?

“Or, is this some type of weirdo personals ad/roommate search?”